Starting to use the system

When you start, you should read the messages that give you the most important information about how to use this system. You should read the text.

You can login on another console. The root password is empty. Type dhcpcd eth0 (or similar) to auto-configure the network using DHCP.

To start an ssh server on this system, type systemctl start sshd. If you need to log in remotely as root, type passwd root to reset the password of the root user to a known value.

If you need graphical tools (such as GParted) you will have to go to the graphical environment. You should just type startx to start it.

You may need to use an editor. Editors available: vim, nano in console mode. You can also use featherpad and geany in the graphical environment.

Note: Never mount anything on /mnt ! It would freeze the system. Use mkdir /mnt/mydir and mount on /mnt/mydir instead .

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